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Scarred people have beautiful wives.

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I was wondering whether celebrities with facial scars get married anot, or suffer from insecurity. Did a search on google. Suprisingly, they are all married with beautiful wives (One for each not multiple!). This gave me some hope that looks are not all that matters.

Tony Parker- Basketball superstar( minor scars though)


Married to Eva Longoria


Seal- Singer


Married to Heidi klum


Edward James Olmos


Married to Lymari Nadal


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well, money can do magic, and all of those that you posted are men with scars. Rarely will you find scarred women with beautiful men. If a guy, as long as you have a great personality or a nice bank account, scars are not such an issue to women. Sucks for us girls with scars.

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Scars I think will naturally result in lower self confidence.

Women (most women) feel confidence is a turn on and makes the man come across as being more attractive/appealing. I think it goes hand in hand, that overall people with scars will attract less women due to that reason.

However, if you have a bottomless pit of cash - I imagine personality and looks is less important. A shame really... I bet there's a very high % of 'false' relationships in the celebrity world, as it's the money that's acted as the leverage.

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People with acne, people with acne scars, people with some other form of noticeable scarring or condition or anything generally find it hard to think how anyone would be attracted to them. I have been the same and while I think a little differently now it'll always sit in my mind. But this is depsite the fact that many of us here alone are in happy and successful relationships with acne and/or scarring. Despite the fact that ive had two girlfriends while ive had acne and one that I know wouldn't be bothered at all. And despite the fact that if I wouldn't be bothered by a girl with either.

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