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My Birth control (loestrin 24 fe) log

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Ok so right now I have 4 medium size active pimples and a tiny bit of red dot scars from previous pimples on my right cheek. Ive seen HUGE improvement and its only been 6 weeks. I am very pleased.

This is what I use:


Purpose gentle face wash

take birth control pill


Almay smart shade foundation

And Almay smooth line powder


Purpose gentle face wash

I have never had bacne or chest/shoulder acne. I consider myself blessed.

I will keep posting every 2 wks or so :angel:

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THATS AWESOME! I just started that birth control three days ago, and my doctor said I would have an inital breakout and so did my dermatologist. Well, I do but its not really bad. Just about 5 smallllll pimples and ive been using 10%BP and they've reduced a well amount. IM super excited to see good results !

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My doctor put me on this because of my horrible pms acne. i read a lot of reviews on this birth control, and I was shocked by all the bad reviews! I am going to try it out and see how it goes. I'm already getting pms acne, so I figured my acne couldn't get any worse. I just started this today, and my friend from the pharmacy said I should see inital results in a week, to let me know if its helping or not.

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