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Girls, question about first pregnancy test before getting accutane

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I had my derm appointment on thursday and of course i have to wait a month before getting the actual prescription. However, they did not have me take a urine pregnancy test while i was there. The nurse said I have to take a blood test 3-4 days before my next appointment and the nurse said i will take a urine preg test at my appointment, however i read on the ipledge handbook that the 2nd pregnancy test has to be at least 19 days after the first one. This wouldn't be the case if i listen to the nurse, it would only be 3-4 days after the first test.

My question is, did you guys take a preg test on your first appointment or on your 2nd appointment (when you actually get the accutane script). I'm so confused and i don't want to be screwed over when i come in next month and find out that the nurse was mistaken about the whole preg test time span.

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Have you had a blood test so far? If so they're probably testing for the pregnancy horomone.

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I haven't had any tests so far, blood or urine. I'm supposed to have my blood test 3-4 days before my 2nd appointment and during my 2nd appointment they will do a urine preg test on me. It just doesnt' make sense though since i'm taking 2 diff preg tests with 3-4 days of each other?

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Are you in the U.S.? If not, iPLEDGE rules will not apply to you.

You mentioned you are waiting until February to start accutane... is it possible your doctor is waiting until February to begin the iPLEDGE process so you will not have to pay out of pocket?

If you are in the U.S. and plan to start taking pills in February, you need to contact your derm's office on Monday and let them know you have not had a negative pregnancy test. Also, you need to receive a letter from iPLEDGE with your login information and registration confirmation. Without this, the pharmacy will not let you take the pills.

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Yea, i am from the US. I hate ipledge though, it's so confusing. I wish they would not take us patients for idiots. When a doctor tells me a medication i'm taking can cause birth defects, i know to not ever risk getting pregnant on it! I don't need all these tests and online quizes and rules to understand that.

Thanks so much for your answer though. I guess the nurse forget to get my pregnancy test. I will call her on Monday to ask about it.

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