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Moderate[ly Severe]

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Ok, I shall begin with: Hello and Happy New Year! :surprised: I am glad to make everyone's acquaintance.

Anywho..... I, much like everyone else posting here, have a problem. Until recently, it really has not been to awful...however the tables have turned on me a bit. My face has been not in the worse of conditions, and it still really is not, however my chest and back have progressed a little further. I will do my best to list everything that I can think of that may be causing it, and will gladly answer any questions that may help me find the source.

- I take rather warm showers, which I have heard can actually be a bad thing.

- I wear tucked in cotton fruit of the loom t-shirts, with a shirt on over top of that.

- Now, the diet (not pretty): My parents have a habit of not buying anything that is nutritionally

beneficial. My meals are pretty much, poptarts for breakfast, some sort of PB&J or Bologna &

Cheese Sandwich, and than some sort of boxed entree and microwavable veggies for dinner.


- I drink about 8 cups of water a day. (Should I drink more?)

I am not sure what else to add, other than I do not use any treatments whatsoever, and have no money to spend on any.

I thank you all for reading my dilemma and furthermore for any help you may provide.

*On a side note - I have noticed that it spreads only as far as my t-shirt goes. Now, my clothes are washed with this overly smelly vanilla fabric softener stuff, could that be a possible source?*

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I had [ly severe] in brackets as I was probably going too far in saying it was that. It is more like moderate; just a bunch of red bumps everywhere, none of which are overly large.

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depending on how long you have had bacne it may not be a bad idea to consider accutane. Bacne is very stubborn and its a very large area to treat. after 7 years of it accutane finally cleared it. 6 months post now and have had 2 pimples since.

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