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My plan for 2010

To do well in my new job which I start on 4th January 2010 this will help get my career where I want it to be.

Pass my course at Open Uni towards my degree

Join a gym to build some muscle and get a better body, improve health

Get some fraxel laser treatment to sort my skin once and for all. I let it affect my life for 5 years but had enough now it's time to start living a life again

What yours ?

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My Plan for 2010

To continue contributing to this forum like I have thus far. To help thousands of acne sufferers deal with their acne and cure their acne naturally.

If you want the link to my blog then please message me.

I have a clear vision on where my blog is going and I know it will help thousands of people out there. I had moderate to somewhat severe acne but am now 90% clear since improving my lifestyle. My blog will help you do the same.

Ok, enough about my blog...

I plan to live in every moment. I will look for the positive in every situation no matter how bad it may seem to be. I will smile more, laugh more, and be as happy as I possibly can be. I will continue to learn about health and live as healthy as I possibly can. I will continue to go to the gym 5 days a week to build a more athletic tone body. I will run in more 5K Runs looking to improve my time in each race.

I will spend more times with my friends as I did not spend enough time with them in 2009. I will continue to grow closer to my family and will do all that I can to support them whenever in need. I will continue to move towards my goal of buying my first home and taking my family on a vacation.

I will continue to be as much as an inspiration to everyone that surrounds me as much as possible. I will pursue my passion for golf more in the summer, playing a round of golf as much as possible and hopefully playing in a few tournaments.

I hope to build an income with my blog that will allow me to be financially stable and travel around the world. With this I hope to speak to others about acne and hope to motivate them to live in the now and begin to improve there lifestyle so they can live the life they want to and live acne free.

I could go on and on but I will stop here. Anyone who is reading this and wants to message me... please feel free to do so. I am here in this forum to help anyone as much as possible.

May everyone make 2010 the best year of there lifetime. I know 2010 will be the best year of my life, simply because I choose it to be so.

To an Acne Free Life,


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1. help people

2. be more outgoing

3. start running, so i can lose 10 pounds and tone up

4. not let acne hold me back

5. be more organized

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It's hard to have a New Years Resolution when you have acne and break out. I mean, this is what happens to me. I get acne, they leave marks, then I break out with more the next day. Last year I told myself that 2009 I'm hoping for at least a decent face with less acne or my original face, yet neither has happened. Acne ruined 2009 for me, and it'll probably ruin 2010 for me too. It's hard to remain positive when you get it and it leaves marks you know? So I basically gave up my plans for 2010 because I know it'll just get worse and if I start hoping that 2010 will get better, it won't

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

My plans are to take some classes at a community college starting in march for computer programming, buy the car I've always wanted since I was a child (almost have enouph $ saved up!!!!!!!!!), continue writing a book that I've been working on for a while, and to go to an open mic night somewhere and play guitar in front of a lot of people by myself (not in a band, and I'm scared shitless of the idea but I want to do it for some reason lol). I also want to stop smoking, but that one is probably not going to happen.

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Try my best in school, get my dying relationship back on track and remind her that cancer isn't the end, try to put up with accutanes flare ups, get on better with my parents, punch zac in the face.

Less realistically, but possible-

become the best I can academically be; attain all A*s at gcse, get 100% clear skin, take my top off in front of other people, get my six pack back.


win the x factor, become the cleverest guy in school, delete bens heart condition. Don't die on us.

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