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Beauty, the Universe, and...Acne.

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I've decided to make a list of techniques I use to keep myself from wallowing in misery, in hopes that someone else can benefit from it.

I realized that yes, some things in life will always suck, whether it be acne, those last few pounds, your shyness, your short eyelashes, your thin hair, WHATEVER. Something's always gonna suck.

Sometimes, yes, it feels like acne is the End of the World. You feel like laying in bed with the covers over your head all day and sad music playing and spiraling into a black hole of sorrow. :boohoo: It just feels hopeless. I really have been there, and not just about acne. I'm probably the most emotional person...ever.

Anyway, my point is, at some point you have to realize that part of the "acne battle" is in your mind and attitude. And by "part", I mean mostly the whole thing. It's all about your outlook and who you want to be in this world. How you're going to live your life. Before I get all Life-Coachy, I'll get to the point:

1.) When you look in the mirror, try and get a new attitude in your head. You could be the "confident, strong girl/guy who doesn't let it get to them" who's like, "Yeah, I have acne. It's unsightly. I'm trying to get rid of it. It's one of the many things in life that sucks. But the universe is infinite, and the pimples on my face will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. I've got cooler things to think about/talk about/feel bad about. Life's cool. I'm cool. And I have acne. Deal with it." :cool:

2.) Think about the times your skin has looked its best. When you feel like everything's hopeless, remember that your skin has the potential to get better, because it has been before.

3.) It sounds cliche, but your personality and attitude matter sooo so so so much more than your skin! Find something cool and creative to do, get good at it. For me, I play piano, sing, do theatre, write, and do photography. I'm not an Artiste, but it's another boost of confidence when you create something you can be proud of. Being nice and helping others does amazing things for your soul, too. Don't hold anything back, you can't afford to.

4.) Again, this sounds cliche, but think of the nice things about your appearance, and yourself. You'll realize that acne does NOT define you, at all. (Because that's the most original phrase ever)

5.)Think about it. I mean on a really, truly molecular level...SKIN IS SO WEIRD!! Even without acne, it's like..."Yo...I've got this huge, hairy, pale, freckly, etc. ORGAN covering my entire body! Of COURSE it's going to be bumpy sometimes!" Skin is NOT meant to be flawlessly perfect. It will never be as good as you can imagine it! Look up close on anybody, even those who seem to have perfect skin, and you'll find acne. I guarantee, it is there. Skin DOES STUFF. Sometimes skin gets mad at us, but you have to take it lightly. It's just...a Body. Skin is skin. It's not something we can really control.

6.)This might sound harsh, but it's a thought that comforts me in some strange way. Just think...some people are Pretty. Like drop-dead, undeniably gorgeous. Some people are just lucky. Some people are just not so lucky. So what? There's nothing anyone can do about it besides what we're already doing. You can't spend your whole life bemoaning what you don't have, and striving forevermore after what you COULD have. You have to work with what you've got, make the best of it, and remember all the other good things about your life that matter. Some people are just not going to be considered Gorgeous. It's OK! There are things about each person's personality (and appearance) that make them astoundingly beautiful.

7.)You might think that if only you didn't have acne, you'd be beautiful. Well when you think about "beauty", you have to think about the big picture. In my mind, everything is sooo beautiful, simply because it IS. Alright, I'm gonna get philosophical here. I mean, look at the moon. It's UP THERE. We're down here. WE ARE SO SMALL. We're FLOATING in an INFINITE universe! It's amazing to me that this happens. That we are sooo incredibly tiny in the universe.

I mean, really, it's always a revelation to realize that instead of nothingness, there is something. And what we have right here, what you see around you, is EVERYTHING that will EVER be. You will die one day, and this is all you will ever experience. Thinking about that puts things in perspective for me. In the long-run, it isn't my skin that will matter. It will be the people I've met, the love I've shared, the things I've done and places I've been. Even when I feel my worst, I can always be calmed by the realization that it's a beautiful miracle that I even Exist at all. That ANYTHING even exists.

8.)Look at your body and really think about it. Have you ever truly realized that you only get ONE body, EVERto live in? To me that's so amazing. There's nothing sad about it. It might not be considered "perfect" by societal standards, but in the big picture it IS perfect and beautiful just because it's YOURS, it's utterly unique, and it's so complexly and fascinatingly constructed. Pimples may be bothersome, but if you're sick of them, try and ignore/accept them. They're kind of insignificant.

9.)Also, can I just say that for some people, even when their acne is gone, it's not as though all their problems are solved. Some people will just find another part of themselves to hate, other things to get down about. I'd like to challenge people to push away hateful thoughts and replace them with positive ones. When you're in a rough spot, just think, "I'm undergoing a process. I am changing, slowly trying and becoming better." It helps to see it from the big-picture point of view.

10.)Push away negative thoughts and replace them with memories from good times with friends, or thinking about whatever it is you love to do, or who you love.

11.)Sometimes thinking about how much worse it could be really helps. You could be living in a third-world country. You could be dying of an incurable disease. You could have 8 legs or chronic, ape-like body hair that completely covers you. But you Don't! :dance:

12.) In the end, it's always going to be easier to slip into self-pity, angst, and anger. But think about it...do you ENJOY being angry/sad/embarassed all the time? You're doing that to yourself. You're putting yourself in that place. It seems like the hardest thing in the world to do, but sometimes pretending you're happy introduces a whole new mindset. A mindset that says, "I would rather have acne and be aware of its suckiness, but not dwell on it, than have acne and wallow in endless despair most days. Sometimes I will let myself get angry at my skin. But then I will go laugh with my friends, look at the stars, and come home. I'll look in the mirror and think, 'I'm alive and that's all that really mattered tonight.' And things will feel better."


I hope this immense list somehow helps someone, somewhere! If so, let me know :)

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It helped the image obsessed me. It was just so positive, how could it not be inspiring!? Most of all, it was very true. It was both pleasantly empowering and well written :) Thank you.

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

Nice post. I strongly agree, in the end it doesn't fucking matter at all. All we have is now... when we are dead forever with maggots eating our flesh I don't think acne or scars will be all that important to us. I think more people would find contentment in their lives if they would realize just how short and special our lives are. I saw my brother who I grew up with for 20 years laying in a coffin dead. That made me realize how short our lives truly are. When you're dead, you are fucking dead. Use your time wisely people, do what you want to do while you still can.

You will die one day, and this is all you will ever experience.

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Well cool, I'm glad some of you liked this list! It kind of helped me to write it, too, haha.

And to whoever said this was "nothing special," Yeah, I agree, but it's the little things you repeat to yourself that end up making the difference. You're not just going to read some magical statement that will make you feel better about yourself, it starts with You :)

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Agree with all the above, minus the "nothing special." Great post! This is exactly how I feel reading all the things people post about how depressed they are. Obviously in some cases it's a genuine medical condition, but I think there are a big group of people who chose not to be happy and not to live their lives.

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THANK YOU, God bless your beautiful soul

aahaahah that was very emotionally touching, im going to try wear a smile on my face from now on

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