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Shortee your story is an inspiration, THANK YOU. I fear though, that because of your age, you may have difficulties when you have children. You may want to ask your doc about birth defects and spironolactone.

I am 43 yrs old, perimenapausal and dealing with acne around my mouth and chin, jawline areas. I am certain that the acne is hormonal. I have been treating this for the past 5 years, tried many different OTC as well as seeing a derm. The latest treatment Spiron 50 mg/day and although the derm did not prescribe Taz gel, I have been able to get it and I have used it. My acne is deep, is not easily treated. It seems to take forever for it to dissappear and when one finally does go away, more appear. Its very frustrating and does a lot to self esteem, so I can relate to all you ladies, and gents, who are dealing with it. I have had acne in the past, but none like this. These are deep, and take many days/weeks to disappear.

I have been on the spiron for approx 3 weeks, no difference. I was tempted to quit taking them, but after reading Shortee's posts decided to stick it out for a few months.

My regimen is this

am. wash with mild non-soap bar (cetaphil)

put non-comodeginic lotion

put on makeup (this may be part of my problem)

pm wash with cetaphil soap to remove makeup

wash with Benz Perox cleansing cloths (prescribed)

take 50mg Spiron (before 7pm)

Cetaphil lotion then wait 30 min

TAZ (I dont always apply Taz, its sporadic - with no set routine)

Sometimes I wonder if too much washing/chemicals worsen the acne? I would love if someone could recommend a makeup that has good coverage, will not clog poors or contribute to acne. Not sure if the makeup I am using is appropriate.

I am also considering salon facials, I have never had them and wonder if there is any benefit to them. ALso, if any one has had acne treated using lazer, I would love to hear about your experience and the results?

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

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