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Anyone get neck acne with Niacin?

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I've been taking it for about two weeks now(non-flush kind) and while my face is looking a lot better, my neck seems to have taken a turn for the worse which includes a ton of small red zits as well as two huge cysts. I've broken out here in the past but it's been largely mild. This is in the area below the ears and below the cheeks on the neck. I don't typically use anything there as far as creams or anything so I'm wondering if this has something to do with Niacin as the timing seems to fit.

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i hate neck acne. it's the worst kind because you are always conscious of it and you can never really feel good knowing you've got a huge painful red mark on your neck that everyone is probably looking at

what else are you taking? what is your diet like?

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Diet is good. I avoid dairy/wheat products and don't really eat many processed foods, overally healthy diet. Drink Green Tea and Water. I'm 25 and have had this problem for a long time, I've tried a ton of dietary changes and supplements over the days and nothing's really worked. I took Accutane about 2 years ago which made the acne more manageable but it never really went away and I've had some issues with cysts in the past few months.

I take Intramax as a multivitamin from time to time and that's it really. Niacin seems to help with acne on my face but I've broken out in these painful neck cysts which are just as annoying. Seems like you just can't win with acne :rolleyes:

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iv'e been taking 75 drops dandelion root extract and about 6 grams of Evening primrose oil and my acne seems to be going away, still got a few but nothing like it used to be

or maybe it's just my hormones balancing themselves out, i did a pretty heavy cycle of steroids and just finished about 3 months ago

i dunno man, i'd try the primrose oil and the dandelion root, you should notice something in about a week or 2

i also eat pretty much whatever i want, dairy, wheat, chocolate but i do like to avoid overly processed foods and anything artificial, just don't like the idea of putting something in my body if i don't really know what it is

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