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Accutane - Scar widening

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I started to scar (alot) after starting accutane after having nothing before. I thought it had reached its peak but now the ones on my left cheek have started to go deeper and wider (!!).

What the hell is happening??

I'm not using any products (cept accutane) at all and no active spots etc.

EDIT: Can a mod please move this too the accutane section, probably more suitable.

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When you say scar, do you mean red spots, or an actual indentation? Because there's no way that could change an indentation. And if it has changed things overall, I think it's normal for it to sometimes make things look a little worse before they get better. Which is the case with many medications for this stuff.

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Actual indentations (I don't conside red marks scars).

The ones on the other side of my face appeared at the same time (2 months ago!) but have since "healed" with the indents remaining while ones on cheek side have remained red, and now deepened.

Other people noticed this before I did so I'm not imagining it lol.

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That is what happens when the inflammation that caused the scar really subsides!

It might get a bit better over time

Last year the left side of my face looks like it had some pretty bad rolling scars but they have softened to the point of being pretty much nothing.

They might not of course

I have started to notice ice-pick looking scarring (shallower than what most ice picks look like but I can't think of a better description). Never had anything like that before.

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