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Thought i would start a thread on facials so we can once and for all decide if they do actually work

Whos had one?Did they work for you?who didnt they work for?

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i've gotten a facial once because and it did a good job at getting out my blackheads

this girl on youtube has a "facials 101" video.. it has alot of good info about facials


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I had a two months facial (each week or every two weeks) when I was 16-17 for acne... and it was horrible. (My mom paid for me since she said I might need a facial for my skin) The place looked really professional, but the person who did my facial was not good at all.. my skin didn't improve at the end of the two months, it was worse. (I have a few scarring on my cheeks but not really noticeable now) She said that I should continue for a few more months to see better results but I said no. My mom even bought the products that she said I should use daily.. (so expensive!) Overall, facials are a no-no for me. (She is still working at that place though, so I guess some people like her work)

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They work for me. There are a couple things to consider though.

First, you need to find a properly qualified esthetician/facialist to do the facial. Not all estheticians have experience working with acne prone skin, so you need to be careful in who you get your facial from. The place I get my facials is an acne clinic and the esthetician has 20 yrs experience specializing in acne treatment.

Second, one facial on its own won't do much of anything. It might clear your skin for a little while, but its likely that the acne will just come back again. You need to get facials regularly for them to really help your skin (at least every 6-8 wks), and you probably need to continue using a good home care regimen at the same time. Facials alone won't keep most people clear. They are a great addition to a good skin care regimen though. I love getting my facials!!!

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