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Stopping Ziana and Doxycycline, beggining 10 day fast + IPL..

I'll make this short and sweet. I've had acne since I was 16, it was never even moderate. I got 1-3 cysts(legit cysts I.E 5 mm in length) monthly scattered with your normal whiteheads. I was prescribed Ziana, Doxy and Triaz exactly 3 1/2 months ago and let me tell you...it has gotten worse. I toughed it out for the first 2 month, watching my acne transform into something I've never seen before (40-50 small red bumps all over forehead and cheeks). At this point, I have about 10-15 small red bumps and a shit load of red marks/PIH. I'm done, and never should have stuck with it to this point. Yes it improved, but my face still looked a SHITLOAD better 3 1/2 months ago. So, I'm going to stop the Ziana and Doxy cold turkey. I'll continue the Triaz but since its 6% BP I might opt for something for more sensitive skin. Boy am I pissed I wasted 3 and a half month of my life making my face worse. I wish I could have my 1-3 cysts back, and I'm dead serious. Anyway, I'm going to be logging my 10 day fast which had some IPL treatments mixed in. Wish me luck.

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Good Luck, How are things now? I also am stopping Ziana but Iam going to continue with Doxy for a little while.. My face is 100 x worse now than b4 I started ziana.. its a joke and I am ticked also.. I thought I had it bad b4 well hardly compared to now.. I am stopping at 8 wks.. Now I am just trying to repair my skin... One part is so red and broke out from the ziana it needs to heal... Havent used it in 2 days and its improving...

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