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Should I BP twice a day now?

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Ok, so heres my problem. Ive been on the regimen for my face and back/shoulders for 15 days now. The past 5 days or so I have been breaking out. Ive tried putting on more BP but im already using the amout that Dan recommended. ! fingers length for face and 2 fingers length for back. I also use AHA on my back, 2 full fingers length. Then I use the mousturizer on my face. Also yes i use the cleanser before the steps. Now my question is, should I start using the regimen twice a day since im starting to breakout and my face is getting used to (not burning or drying out) the BP? Here is my regimen as follows:




Use cleanser in shower

Pat myself dry and wait 5-15 minutes

Use 1 full fingers length of BP on face and then 2 full fingers length for back and shoulders

Wait 5-15 minutes

Then use half a pump or so of mousturizer on my face and then 2 full fingers length of AHA on my back.

Repeat next morning.

So Im wondering should i up my dosage of BP? If so can you tell me what I should do at night like a schedule? Should I cleanse or not kind of schedule? Just help me plan it out and help clear me up?

Thanks, all answers are appreciated


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Ok so the at night just hit the shower again and cleanse, bp and moisturize?

Sounds good thanks.

Its just frustrating being clear on like the 5th day or almost clear and then breakout again around my mouth and chin as usual. especially when you need to shave there.

Also am i doing the back regimen correct? thats what dan said to do but im seeing no improvements at all and if anything it may be getting a little worse. But im still commited. I heard that around the 1st month mark you see improvements.



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