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Glycolic Acid effectiveness

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I use glycolic acid peels on my back to fade hyperpigmentation from previous acne. I will randomly put it on, i don't do it religiously. When I first started I would have a full peel off my back. I could feel the skin coming off in the shower and it would show huge results. Now I leave 50% on for 20 minutes with only slight tingling. It makes my back a lot smoother than before but it's not fading the marks anymore. Should I leave it on until I feel the skin loosening like it used to?

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i would just leave it on for however long it says, i would be scared of burning my face or something

I've actually burned my face before with it. It peeled off this dark grey piece of skin in a circle about two inches in diameter. I read everywhere that it could not do damage to your skin so I didn't care. I was panicking thinking it was going to be there forever. Luckily it was on my forehead and I could wear a ski hat (winter). In a few months it was completely back to normal and the smoothest part of my face :). I'm talking about doing this for my back. I mean, there might be a different experience if I left it on WAY too long (way longer than I left it on my face) so that's why I'm asking. But if I have the same experience i'll gladly have my back completely red for a few months in the winter to have all the hyper pigmentation go away.

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