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my regimen--HELP ME please

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HI-just a quick question that i hope i can get answered

what ive been using for about 3 weeks is(besides the pads, just started those)

oxy-maximum face wash 10%(morning and night)

oxy cleansing pads directly after

benzaclyin directly after that

please help, and tell me your opinions

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It'd be much easier to give advice if you could provide more information about your acne.

How severe is it? What kind of outbreak do you get?

In general, a gentle non-drying cleanser is usually best. I think that there is not much benefit to "medicated" washes because they don't spend that much time in contact with your skin...you rinse it off.

Oxy cleansing pads have SA (salicylic acid). SA is most effective against blackheads, but not so much against inflamed pimples.

Benzaclin is variable in effectiveness. Some people have success with it, some don't. Some people get a lot of redness and irritation. Other people don't.

I see you don't use a moisturiser. I think everyone should. The trick is to find just thre right one for your skin type.

All in all, the key to treating your acne is to treat *your* acne. There is a lot of trial and error for some people. In general, you have to establish a good regimen, stick with it, and make changes slowly and one product at a time.

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