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Acne PLUS redmark/brown spot treatment regimen!

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So, I gotta say. I suffered quite a bit with Dan's bp for a little while, adjusting. But I decided to give it another try, and became adjusted. I'd say my acne is not severe, meaning no cystic acne. But a bunch of small/medium acne all over my cheeks, jaws, few on forehead. Well, been on the regimen for almost 6 months and I'm clear, and staying clear. However, left with red marks/ brown spots all over that just doesn't seem to fade.

Read somewhere that bp prevents brown spots from healing. There is no scientific evidence for this, but my brown spots weren't fading.

I did research, and finallly resorted to trying Lemon Juice. I had revitalize peels in the past, which helped. But two flaws in chemical peels.

#1: you can't apply bp for a period of time after the peel because of increased sensitivity.

#2: costs around 100 dollars per treatment.

So Lemon Juice. I read that it RARELY causes break-outs. My skin is fairly sensitive. (Korean Asian ethnicity, tan skin)

So, Lemon Juice. How to use this WITH the regimen.

Morning: normal regimen:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (or Dan's cleanser)

Dan's BP 1.75 pumps (I don't put it on my nose)

Dan's Moisturizer w/ 6 drops Dans's jojoba oil (or alternative)

NIGHT: Here's where I change it up

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (or Dan's Cleanser)

I take one lemon, cut it in half. I film wrap one half (half a lemon per day)

Take the other half and squeeze/smear on my cheeks (or wherever you have the red/brown spots) The juice tends to drip a bit, so I hold a towl under my chin with my other hand.

I lie down face up for 20 minutes

Rinse with water only

Dan's Moisturizer w/ 6 drops Dan's jojoba oil (or alternative)

As you can see. NO BP at night. I do the night regimen close to around when I sleep. I changed my sleeping position to facing up so that I don't irritate my skin.

The reason why I don't put bp at night is so I can let the lemon juiced skin heal without any interference. And I figured sleeping face up, there will be no irritation on the skin whatsoever, which won't break you out. And since while asleep, our hormone levels are very very low, I figured hormonal acne won't occur.

Anyways, I've been doing this for several weeks, and brown spots are fading, red marks are turning tan. Thought I'd share this with people who suffers from brown spots. Because in my opinion, brown spots are just as bad as acne.

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