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Ello everyone, I know I'm kinda late starting this but I wanted to try to give support to those currently on accutane.

The Story:

Ever since I was 12 I've been suffering from cystic acne (Currently 16) and I've tried everything to help stop my acne. It just seemed to get worse! First starting from my forehead then moving down to my cheeks. The pain was unbelievable! Then I saw accutane. At first I hesitated due to the side effects, but after seeing my brother finish his course it gave me courage to do it too. So here I am. I'm currently on month 4 and everything seems to be going great! No more huge zits, or oily skin!

Month 1: September 2009

Starting on 40 mg. Didn't notice any changes until the 12th day. Skin started to become more dry and I seemed to be getting more pimples. Moisturizer doesn't seem to be needed yet, but I am saving it for later.

Month 2: October 2009

Went to my dermatologist and I've been upped to 80 mg! Prepare for dryness! I've noticed a ton of new breakouts, and I mean A TON!!! The pain is just unbelievable, I can't even shave! :l Thank God it's only on my cheek and neck area. Acne on my forehead seems to be gone, just red bumps. The shaving area seems to be getting more and more pimples... Not a good month for me. =l

Month 3: November 2009

Still at 80 mg. Dermatologist said I had Folliculitis which is caused from bacteria from shaving and the hair. Gave me some medication to help stop it. She also said I can't shave until It begins to go away, and that I used a disposable razor. Stopped shaving and everything seems to be going away. Still getting acne on my cheeks though. Forehead is clear. :) The dryness isn't all bad though I've had to use some moisturizer. Oh and I started using Zinc, taking 100mg's, since I heard it helps with redness. Started to see some results at the end of this month. Accutane is beginning to work!

Month 4: December 2009

80 mg! Everything is going great! No more acne breakouts. Occasionally I do get 1 pimple here or there, but not as big as they use to be, maybe just 1 little pimple once a week and sometimes even none. 2 more months to go! Overall I've seen a ton of changes this month, and I'm really glad! Folliculitis is gone, yet I've still held off shaving just until New Years (Before school starts) just to be safe. Dryness is still there. Had to use moisturizer otherwise its unbearable.

Merry X-Mas! Hope everyone had a good one. :)

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so was the second month much worse than the first month for you??? im starting to get worried now cause im currently on day 12 and im giving a very important presentation on february involving one entire department of my university. was hoping to get the first breakout out of the way by the first month and have semi-decent skin by feb :(

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Well I had the most worse breakouts during week 7-9, after that it got much better. It depends, some people have a much later IB (Initial Breakout) than others. Such as, my brother didn't get his until week 10. It also might have been my Folliculitis due to shaving, that might've triggered an IB.

I'll be sure to post some pictures after New Years. :)

Edited by Heiji

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