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Is my zinc supplement working?

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I'd been taking 50 mg of zinc for almost two weeks with no results. I started taking 75 mg a couple days ago,and now my face has all these little bumps, like clogged pores coming to the surface, maybe? Or maybe its just my skin telling me to take it easy on the zinc. I'm not sure, but it looks terrible! What should I do- stop altogether or keep on and risk further ruing my skin?

Anyone else have this issue? All the zinc reviews act like this is a wonder supplement- no one seems to talk about an initial breakout, so maybe its just me.

Any suggestions?


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I'd been taking 50 mg of zinc for almost two weeks with no results.

Zinc has been studied in acne longer than almost any substance. Like most acne treatments, it has never been shown to be a miracle cure (except for a tiny minority of patients). It has been shown to produce a modest but statistically significant decrease in lesions. That's "statistically significant" in the groups studied, doesn't mean there won't be individuals who don't see any improvement at all.

IMHO, zinc is only of use to acne in making zinc superoxide dismutase (zinc SOD), and the real problem for most acne patients is insufficient SOD, so adding zinc only helps a bit, and increasing the dose quickly reaches diminishing returns (no use for more zinc ions, if there are no SOD molecules for them to hook up to).

The key to having normal levels of SOD (IMHO) is to live in bright outdoor light all day, and sleep in total darkness 9-10 hours each night in order to get the nocturnal melatonin surge evolution designed. Melatonin travels through the cell membrane to the nucleus, stimulating cells to produce more SOD.

Or, to shorten the story, if 30mg of zinc doesn't help, 90mg probably is pointless. Most likely you're deficient in the molecule zinc has to bind to in order to wipe out the superoxide anions that instigate the inflammation of acne.

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Lay off it a little bit. Zinc can't do much on its own, but when combined with other things, it helps out a bit. However, you definitely don't want to be taking over 50mg a day. 90mg a day is actually a little poisonous for your body.

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Taking a single nutrient is highly unlikely to make a significant difference in your skin. You need to treat this holistically.

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