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Which Chemical peels is the best??

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I went to dermatlogy today and

she suggested me to get Vitalize Peel and it cost too expensive. ($125)...

and there are Glycolid acid peels, TCA peels and i was wondering which one cost the less and which one works the best??

I also found that they have Illuminize peel, Vitalize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel.

WHats is what and what works the best?

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No peel would fade your acne scar because it just dead skin that need time to heal if u keep doing peel it will not going fade but it also burn around the skin. I have try alot peel myself i thought this could help my acne scar but not which it doing it dry skin and peel 1st layer skin which doing nothing for your mark but burn around the skin and make it worse. I success u try tumeric with lemon for your acne scar or mark. Once u peel is done u can't be in sun without spf over 1 year laser it your best bet if u don't want worse money then do tumeric!

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i recommend vitalize peels, although you'll need probaby 2-5. Your dermatologist can probably give you discount if you buy em in packages. Id say do 3 of em, and try to get it for 300. 125 is a good deal already though. I paid 150 each for mine. And got 50$ discount for package of 3.

TCA peels cost about 300-500. (from where i'm from) TCA peel is also very strong.

I'd say 3 lighter peels is better than one strong one.

As for what the peels are, you probably won't be interested, as I wasn't. Vitalize peels involve glycolic acid, aha, something, iono.

TCA is tri chloric acid (if i'm not mistaken)

I'll give you my experience with the vitalize peels.

no downtime, takes 20 minutes. first 2 days, nothing major. 3rd, 4th day lots of peeling (not the burning kind, just like snakeskin) you can wash face

TCA, you have to stay home for a week or so

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