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My experience with lipofilling

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After many months of reading here on this site, i decided to write my own expereince with lipofilling (fat-transfer)

First of all i'd suggest if you want to do this procedure, do a lot of research.... There are many many doctors out there who are doing this procedure. BUT my opinion is that like 65 % of the doctors are crap and they are only interested in the $$.

After i did a lot of research, i found a doctor who was specialized in the lipofilling thing. I must say that i live in Holland and so is the doctor ;)

I made an appointment for the first interview. It was totally for free.... Doctors who want to see money after the first interview are in my opinion not genuine and only interested in the money instead of you. He was really patient and he explained everything very well.

So a few months after the first interview it was the time that i had an appointment for getting the lipofilling done :) I was really, REALLY nervous ! :) I was sitting in the waitingroom and my name was called. First the nurse was taking me to a room with a bed and a tv.. It was the room where i undressed myself to go to the surgeon in another room... The room freaked me out! I saw all kinds of creepy machines and stuff... :/ I layed myself on the bed and there were 2 nurses, my doctor and another doctor who was from a different country to see how my doctor everything did in the procedure... To learn things... First of all, the nurses were rubbing a red substantion on my legs to disinfection my skin. Than it was time for the local amnesia.. It was bad... The pain was bad... I was getting several pricks in my face like 6 and also like six pricks in my legs... The pricks in my legs were the worst... Then after a few minutes when i did'nt feel no pain at all, my lipofilling begins.... They were harvesting the fat out of my legs and everytime my doctor did that, i was feeling that the machine was just above my bones... You don't feel any pain at the time, but the feeling is pretty scary. After the harvesting he did my fat in a centrifuge and seperated my fat from blood and things... After that he put the fat (only the fat) in my cheeks very carefully. You still don't feel any pain but what you hear is also scary :P You hear it very well when they inject the fat in you cheeks. I never forget the sound :) The procedure was like in 45 mins done. After that i went back to the same room where i undressed myself and the nurse was taking care of me. I was getting realy cool silicone-pads on my face because your face feels really burny after the procedure. After like an hour the nurse told me that i was able bto go home. BUT you must have a friend, family with you to drive you. You can't drive yourself home after the lipofilling!The next hours / days after the lipofilling my face was bruised, like REALLY bruised and se were my legs. My legs were the most hurting. After my lipofilling, i could'nt barely walk.... They were so bruised and painfull.... That stayed for about 2 days... After that it goes everytime better.... Because they go pretty deep in your legs to get the fat, your wounds are deep ... You can't showe for a whole week because the wounds start to bleed again... That was also tough to deal with, one of my wounds begun the bleed like 3 times... Sleeping is in the first days of your recovery also a struggle :) you can only lay on your back :) After like a week and a half, your face is still swollen, but the bruises are pretty much gone and you can go outside to shop or whatever. I was told by the doctor that you see results in 6 months and that is kind of correct. I did see results, my cheeks were more flat, but i have still red marks on my cheeks were the scars normally were. In about 4 months i must go back to the doctor for my check-up and than i will ask him what i can do about it :)Looking back the whole period, i def. did'nt regret it for getting the procedure. The doctor helped me really good and i can wear ponytails :P Last year it was def. no option for me to put my hair out of my face :)

This was my story and remember: find a good doctor who is genuine. Which means: the doctor don't want to see money after first interview, one week after the procedure the first check-up, than after 2 months the next en finally after 1 year the next. It's really important to have several check-ups after the procedure!

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however i did thesame treatment..fat was taken out from my stomach....after effects was like my scars looked less deeper bt my face looked like huge...as compd to my body...even after 2 yrs faT didnt subsided As TOLD BY DR.. NOW I HAVE again taken the fat out..

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