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> Advice Please: Acne Scar Treatments Available (For Home Use)

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I'm Steve, 30 and from near Manchester in England.

My acne was when I was early to mid 20s due to being on high dose Prednisone for a few months. My face would be covered with Acne and sometimes I'd squeeze the spots and put something on them. I no longer have acne - just the scars.

2-3 years ago I had an obagi skin peel at a hospital in Altrincham which cost over £1000. Whilst I think it did help, I would only say by about 10%, which for the price isn't enough.

I'm wanting something that is strong, but I can use from home - but there seems to be literally hundreds of different chemicals and products, all with different feedback on their success. It's very confusing as sometimes people who recommend products are some way affiliated with the product, so it's impossible to take what they say with any trust.

Am I right in guessing that nothing I can do and use from home, will have little or no effect on medium-deep scars, or are is there something I could use?

I've heard and read of Benzoyl Peroxide & TCA Peels - do these work well for scarring?

Many thanks in advance.

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TCA peels work over time, you have to do many of them.

I recommend you do a few needling treatments first. Then TCA peel(s) to even out the skin.

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I've read about the TCA and fancy trying them myself.

Where is the best place to purchase the products from? I live in the UK and all the sites seem to ship from the States.

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