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22 yo M/ 52kg/ 30mg.day Accutane log

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So um I am 22yo male from NZ, had moderate-severe acne since I was 14. Was on Dan's regimen for the past year with BP, AHA lotion etc, which really helped reduce my acne by almost 90%. However, still had on average 1-2 large cysts a week and face is still extremely, ridiculously oily. I often have to go find a bathroom every hour or so just to blot out the oil with tissue paper. So yea my being oily is killing a lot of trees :lol: Three weeks ago decided to go on the tane, thought of it years back but was really freaked out from the stories of side effects. I was quite content being on the regimen which brought back some of my confidence but then let's just say i met a girl. Couldnt really ask her out with cysts on my face (and dripping with oil). So went straight to the derm ten days ago and got an isotretinoin prescription. Hopefully i can keep everyone updated on my progress and help inform people of what to expect :)


- 30 mg/day of Isotretinoin (Oratane here in NZ) told me to take all three tablets after the evening meal

- Gave me a tube of Stieve-A cream which is 0.025% tretinoin, applied at night

- DP-HC lotion (1% Hydrocortisone) to be applied in the morning, he said it helps with the redness (scared me shitless when he said that)

- Sample tube of sunblock (thought it was nice of him)

Progress Day 11

So will start the log on Day 11. First week went fine no unusual breakouts, dry lips started to set in on the 7th day have it under control with Paw-paw ointment (i would recommend this to anyone in AUS/NZ area).

Now my face is quite broken out. Its red, not firetruck engine red but red enough that ive had comments from my parents and my siblings. I havent had this many pimples since a year ago before Dan's regimen. Oddly enough, havent had those large under-the-skin bumps which are a regular weekly thing. They have been replaced by 5 white pustules mainly around the angles of my nose below the lower lip and by the looks of things one or two more are coming (shit). I dont normally ever get pustules ( i tend to get nodules) so found that kinda weird. Also i have two shallow red diffuse areas which are painful to touch, dont normally get this either.

Quite relieved that I havent had back pains (yet) and I have to say the oiliness has noticeably improved.

So i guess im in the midst of an initial breakout, not quite sure if its the topical tretinoin or the isotretinoin, all i know is that i wont be going out of the house anytime soon. Fingers crossed, some of this ugly pustules go away before I start work on the 5th!! Will get back to you guys soon!!

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^^Hi sorry took me a while to reply, was away for the holidays in a farm with no internet (and an outhouse for a toilet :D)

To answer your question, i cant really say if its helping or not. Though i am on topical tretinoin, its only half strength and my face has not been as red (it looked hideously sunburned) as when i was on it three years ago which i had to stop after like a month. My face is noticeably redder than when i started my tretinoin+accutane treatment so i guess in that respect it hasnt been working at all. I hate using it though cause it feels really oily, and i was having a look at the packet and it listed acne as one of its side-effects. I swear my derm really wants me to get acne :lol: I bet it really helps for really red inflamed skin though as it is prescription only medicine.

Update Day 16

So on Day 16 already. Have to say still in the middle of IB. Face currently pustule ridden by that i mean 7 pustules congregating around the front part of my face (between eyebrows, chin, around the nose and lips). They are all really big, marigold yellow, highly noticeably and embarrassing and really ruined my new year :(. I also have a really large cyst/nodule under my chin which if you run your finger over it, kinda feels like a little double decker bus. It sorta rises up sharply stays raised for quite a considerably length and then drops off. Very painful to touch and its been there for 2 days now and showing no signs of shrinking (*sigh*).

The face generally is less oily but is still red and feels really sore because of all that pustules, which i forgot to mention are not those little baby ones but large full blown, man-sized monsters with large inflamed red areas around them. Outlook for tomorrow is not good as im noticing 2-3 red bumps forming around my mouth which im pretty sure are not mosquito bites. Also scabs, lots of scabs from my previous pustules, still there sorta fermenting away like wine.

I dont know about other people here but im seriously contemplating of putting on Dan's BP just in the area around my mouth where most of my breakouts tend to occur. Will try a spot test tonight and see what happens.

In terms of side-effects, so far the only nuisance are the dry lips havent had dry eyes or nose, muscle pains or anything like that.

i really really hope my IB will be over soon, im going back to work on the 11th and im dreading the interrogation by my officemates. As ive mentioned previously, i only get one or two nodules a week, no pustules no nothing (thanks to BP), so its gonna be quite a dramatic change once they see me again. Starting to mentally prepare myself for the "what the fuck happened to your face" and "have you been stuffing your face with chocolate" comments. Almost all my officemates have perfect to near perfect skin, gorgeous and 80% of them are female which makes it even more embarrassing for me. Possibly one of the greatest things i dread is that they tend to have a habit of taking pictures with their phones like every hour, posting them on facebook, and religiously tagging EVERY single picture with me in it, even if its only my hair, a limb or any other body part. So yea i run the risk of having my scabby, red, pustule party skin exposed to all my friends and relatives (and love interests :lol:) and even potential employers.

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^^lol thanks, i was supposed to be back at work today but called in sick. I have two damn huge zits right on my chin, two of them together, right next to each other so if you miss seeing one damn hell your not gonna miss the other :D. But yea, gonna have to come in tomorrow or the boss will not be happy. If they all give me hell then screw them, acnes not gonna last forever plus some of them have bad breath anyway :lol:

Day 24

This is gonna be a short update. So right now i think im finally past my IB so happy happy. I would have to say the IB lasted from Day 8 to day 18. Now i only have two small pustules plus the two big zits on my chin, which sorta popped in the shower (shudnt gross anyone here right? everyone seems to be a veteran). Other than that, apart from the tiny pustules, things are goin er....fine. Face is still red and flaky, very dry and looks very rough (coarse sand with grapefruit juice). Pores are as big as ever, especially the ones on my cheeks. And the blackheads, oh the blackheads are coming out with a vengeance. Theres just loads of them, the most that i can remember on my face. Lips are very dry but manageable, no joint pain or back pain. Will update next week. Good luck to everyone on the 'tane, stay strong and moisturised!

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Glad the IB is subsiding... I am on day 11 and I think I am having an IB. I have several white heads taking over the sides of my face, and i have small cysts on my chin and around my lower lip. Hopefully this doesn't last too much longer.... By the way, I am on 60mg/day. Good luck with the rest of your treatment, and I hope you see 100% clear skin soon

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