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Month 4

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I Started the Regimen over again since early September so it should be about 4 months now.

During the first 2 months, my face went from better to worst then to better, etc.

3rd month i started off 2 full pumps which didn't dry my skin so much, eventually it started to dry a lot more.

Now a punch of dead skin shows after i cleanse my face and wait to dry.

I now lowered back to 1 full pump twice a day.

My White heads are a lot smaller and in fewer amounts then when i started the regimen.

All of my old acne marks have cleared 90% due to all the skin chipping off.


Question: Do i just stay with 2 full pumps even if my skin comes out dead skin like heck?

Question: after cleansing and being able to see the dead skin, do i just leave it there and apply BP? or do i find a way to take it out or would that be too irritating?

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I'd recommend Dan's Jojoba oil. I had similar problems to which you are describing and Jojoba oil helped me alot. I usually put Jojoba oil on before I cleanse and rub very gently to get the flakes off.. I then cleanse and then apply just a little bit of Jojoba oil to my dry spots then apply the BP. Since I started doing this the flakes have all but stopped and my skin looks way better. Hope this helps.

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