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accutane on an empty stomach

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I haven't taken much care to eat a meal with my pills...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I didn't think it was totally necessary since my dermatologist didn't mention it. Has this totally screwed up everything...all the time i've spent on it? will I have to be on it longer now?

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No, you won't. But it'd be better if you took it after a meal.


Isotretinoin, when administered orally, is best absorbed when taken after a high fat meal, as it has a high level of lipophilicity. In a crossover study, it was found that the peak plasma concentration more than doubled when taken after a high fat meal versus a fasted condition. Isotretinoin is primarily (99.9%) bound to plasma proteins, mostly albumin. At least three metabolites have been detected in human plasma after oral administration of isotretinoin. These are 4-oxo-isotretinoin, retinoic acid and 4-oxo-retinoic acid. Isotretinoin also oxidizes, irreversibly, to 4-oxo-isotretinoin. The metabolites of isotretinoin are excreted through both urine and feces. The mean elimination half-life is 21 hours, with a standard deviation from this mean of 8.2 hours.

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It's fine, I normally didn't eat much either and my acne went away. Besides, dermatologists put you on it longer then what it requires to take away your acne to get it in your system. You have the extra time.

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