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Pregnancy after accutane?

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ok a quick intro, I've been coming to this site for a while now and this is the first time i wrote nething. I think everyones been so helpful. After having tried everything just like others from over the counter to anti botics and topicals since i was 13 and my skin resisting it all I will b going on accutance starting Jan 11th. I have modreate acne mostly painful big acne on my jaw line and sometimes cheeks. Now i know about all the side effects and have decided that for me it would be worth trying cause im 21 n still not growing out of it. I am wondering if ne1 here has yet to get pregnant after finishing accutane? i was wondering how long after you finish accutance can u get pregnant, what did everyones doctor said so that u wont have birth defects to ur baby? Cause i planned to get pregnant after accutane not right after but when its safe n one website said 2 years! in the ipleadge it says 1 month, i havent asked my doctor but i planned to when i go back for my final pregnancy test, i just saw some other websites that scared me but those people were on it for way longer then i would...sry so long but just needed to hear from people who acctually been on it.

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My derm's opinion was consistant with ipledge. Wait a month. I plan on waiting a few months after that at least (depending on job situations, etc....).

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