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mouse teef

First time EDM user

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Recently I decided to start using mineral foundation again as I've found it to be more natural looking than liquid. I used to use bare minerals but eventually quit because I was put off by the limited shade selection (I'm very pale :() and how shiny it was on my skin.

Anyways, I just ordered a starter kit from EDM which I'm VERY excited about. I just have a few questions:

-What brushes would you recommend?

-What should I use to clean the brushes & how often should I clean them?


-How does the coverage vary between each formula?

Also, a general list of pros and cons would be very helpful. :)

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From my experience, I don't recommend EDM. The Matte and Intensive formulas broke me out, and dried my skin. So they made oiliness worse. They also don't contain zinc oxide, which is the best ingredient for acne prone skin in MMU, imho.

Semi-matte formula seems to work best, but I know that EDM people have added a new ingredient since I last ordered it, and the feedback hasn't been that positive. O-glo is definitely to shiny for acne prone people.

MMU is lovely though. I like it, and I have extremely pale skin too. A good place to start collecting info on mineral makeup is here: http://www.87px.net/mmf/

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I personally did not like the EDM sample foundations I tried. It looked very chalky to me, and had no staying power on my super oily skin. While I personally will not be purchasing from them again (check out the link Clen provided for details - EDM's business practices have been quite lacking lately), I do enjoy the brushes from them I do have.

The EDM brushes themselves are quite nice, but a cheaper, and just as great option is the ELF Studio line. I absolutely adore my ELF Studio Powder Brush, moreso than my EDM flat top. A flat top will give the heaviest coverage. For individual spots, I found the EDM concealer brush to be kinda crap - it would work much better with a cream concealer, but for powder, I find a small kabuki-like brush to be best. I'm currently using the Eye Kabuki, but I find it seems to "eat" a lot of my powder.

I just use baby wash to clean my brushes, about once a week. My normal, quickie method is to use a cup with a baby wash solution, and just swirl the brushes in there until clean, then rinse. Synthetic brushes will not need conditioner. I dry with a microfiber cloth, and lay them flat by a window to dry.

If EDM doesn't work out, remember that there are many other companies with very pale shades. I'm currently using Silk Naturals, which allows you to mix and customize your own colour - so it can be as light as you need it to be.

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I'd recomend a kabucki or flat-top brush, I use johnson and johnson no tears soap to clean them with. As far as coverage, intensive gives the most coverage, but I also notice that intensive formulas are a little darker than the other ones so keep that in mind when picking out your shade. Matte is too matte for me, even though I have oily skin....its so "powdery" looking. I go between semi-matte and original glo....I use a primer underneath so the original glo gives me a dewy look without making me look greasy.

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I really like the EDM, especialy because of the shade selection. I use a winter shade and a summer shade and blend them in the spring and the fall as my complexion changes.

I am the odd one - I like a very loose powder brush. Not a flat top. Helps me to get a more even coverage.

I had to try all of the formulas of EDM to find the right one for me. I have to write down what I use so I don't forget. Sometimes I like more sheer coverage, sometimes I don't.

Cleaning brushes should be done weekly. Use baby shampoo and rinse well. Make sure it's thoroughly dry before using. If drying is a problem, get two brushes and alternate.

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