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Getting frustrated with Clindamycin

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I've been using clindimycin for a week. When I started, all I had was some inactive black and whiteheads. Now I have 3 huge pimples on my cheek, another monster on my forehead, the biggest monster of all in my eyebrow, and my face is terribly blotchy.

And while you're reading this, since I started tetracycline I've gotten a rash on my chest and some weird bacne (on the... love handle region? I didn't know acne existed down there.) my scars are turning brown too, whywhywhy.

Am I supposed be blotchy and broken out the first week? Is my skin just getting used to the product?

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listen, anyone who starts on these products needs to be in it for the long haul. I went from having mild acne to moderate-severe acne for 10 WEEKS on retin-a. I'm in my 12 week now and my skin looks incredible, so I can attest that it works. But if you're getting frustrated in the 1st week, be mentally prepared that it could be this way for a while. In the end you just have to disconnect yourself from it and say, ok, my skin's gonna be the worst it's ever looked for 3 months and not stress about it. it's such a small part of your life in the long run but if you get stressed and it could depress you, maybe another treatment is better for you. If you're getting a rash, however, definitely speak with your doctor.

good luck

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Thanks, this helps, a lot.

I woke up today in a better mindset. I've decided to just do my best in the morning to conceal what acne I've got and then forget about mirrors for the day, until it starts improving. Otherwise I'll drive myself crazy.

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