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going on third month scared of side effects

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Hi everyone!

I have been following other posts on here for a little while, but finally registered tonight! I am on 40 mg Claravis accutane, a pill a day with 400 Vitamin E twice a day. Here is my deal:

I struggled with moderate to severe (more severe in my mind but I know the reality isn't as bad) acne from when I was thirteen. The biggest reason it emotionally affected me was because I was involved in musical theatre and show business, always going on commercial auditions when I was younger and looked around to see these clear faced, flawless people. I never had issues with friends or dating or going out, I always was "comfortable in my own skin". However, I tried EVERYTHING from proactiv to dermatologist topical creams, tazorac, benzoyl peroxide, retin a micro, duac, and pills that burned my esophogas. I thought LONG AND HARD about accutane. I knew its dangers (I still would caution ANYONE even considering it) I asked around and found, surprisingly, five or six of my friends had been on it and spoke of it so casually.

I was doubtful, but here I am, 23 years old and have tried EVERYTHING. So I started accutane for the mere sake of my career as an actor. My skin cleared up immediately, got a little chapped lips but nothing I haven't dealt with in the winter, some sore muscles and a little lethargy. I am now going on my third month.

But then....came constipation. I am talking like horrible. I took mineral oil, tried to eat as much fruits and vegetables, fiber, took hot baths, continued my yoga. Finally it is dying down but has anyone experienced this? I told my derm and she said she "never heard of that" but I looked it up online and its everywhere. Like lawyers who support cases of irritable bowel syndrome.

I know I am writing an essay but I have always been scared of accutane and it still freaks me out sometimes. I know its most likely me overreacting, based on who I am haha, but I have always been more of the natural girl....I love yoga, I work at an acupuncture office part time - so having all these toxins in my system freaks me out.

Any thoughts? I know its a lot thanks for reading if you are still with me hahah. I just came here for feedback/support. Thanks!


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I have been experiencing horrible constipation too. I went to see my doctor and he prescribed stool softners, and a stimulant plus I am taking a fiber supplement. Yet the problem still continues and sometimes it's a lot worse than others. I take a lot longer in the bathroom and struggle to relieve myself. I am pretty sure it's the accutane but I only have a month more to go and I really want to finish my course. But I think you should at least go see a doctor about it and see what help you can get. I can't wait to be off this drug!

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