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What is "extraction"?

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I had my first facial yesterday, and the facialist did extractions. As I had cucumber slices over my eyes I couldn't see what she was doing, and as she didn't speak English very well I couldn't ask her. So what exactly did she do? Did she use her fingers or a tool? Was she just essentially squeezing gunk out of my pores? My face didn't look any different after, but it felt much cleaner :)

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i've had them done from an asian lady as well and all they do is get a sterolised needle and pick it out then they apply the buzzing sound thing which is the antiseptic, it really kaness for me but im just a big pussy so ye, you walk out of there a full on lobster and once the swelling goes down you pretty much have no bumps on your face, though i think the pimples come back after a while, im also not sure if it leaves scarring or not, im interested in finding out about it aswell as im scared to get another if it's gonna irritate my face

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An extraction is the removal of the core of the acne lesion - some estheticians use a metal extraction tool and a lancet, some only use their fingers wrapped in tissue. I have had both types done, and I think the lancet and extraction tool are much more effective than the finger-tissue method. They just gently push the core of the pimple out of the skin. This helps the acne lesion to heal more quickly.

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