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some creams that might help you

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basically i have been using some bee propolis cream that my mother bought me when she went to an aloe vera party thing.

she told me that the woman who was the host, well her son had been suffering for years with acne and she wanted him to come off the anti biotics, and for him to try this cream ( forever, bee propolis with aloe vera)..

and.. ive been using it on my cheeks and ive seen a nice improvement in skin tone and less aggravation of spots in general, plus its amazing to put on after shaving :) really its the only thing that stops my skin feeling like total crap after a shave. and ive avoided clean shaving with a razor for years now !

basically cleanse with water once in the morning, once in the evening and apply the propolis at night. its awesome :D

its been posted ages ago on this site and others had success with it, so thought id big it up once again.

this stuff is called forever propolis

im not going to lie, i have had new spots but my skin is so much better and heals quicker while using this. so its a bonus

another product is skinoren 20% acid azeliac

doctor wanted me to use this cream whilst on meds which i never bothered with since the anti biotics worked at the time, but then later i became resistant to them.

well few weeks ago i had bad chest acne flare up. literally never seen such a mess. i was in panic cause i like working out so seeing all the redness made me upset :(

well a couple of nights using this cream sparingly across my chest and its now all gone. its amazing. Its just worked better than i thought it would.

for some reason i am to scared to apply it to my face though. i guess i dont want the redness that can happen whilst using it.

anyway just thought id share that, hopefully these might work for you to. let me know


forgot to add: the only other thing i do is avoid alcohol when possible and take a zinc and vitamin c tablet

15mg zinc 500mg vit c per capsule (take 2 a day)

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