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I am always skeptical on buying into ones scam or gimmicks when i see a phrase like this one that says "cure your acne with this treatment" so that is why i post on here to let you guys/gals take a look at it too see what you think of it.

This guy seems pretty legit since he post youtube videos of himself and gives out acne tips monthly it seems. So that is a plus since he is not some hidden doctor, like dr. neal and the acnepractice scam.

He basically talks about of how acne happens within your body and liver/intestines getting overloaded with toxins, and what supplements to take to help with this. These are not supplements you can buy at the store though and have to order through him which makes me skeptical. Anyways he also states in which many of us do now and try, is to avoid dairy and sugars which can trigger more fungal overgrowth in intestine i.e candida overgrowth. So by avoiding sugar, starches, and dairy while supplementing with the supplements he suggest can clear up our pores and acne.

What do you all think? I want responses!!!!!!!!! please..... :angel:

Oh btw enter your name and email to see that free video, i thought it was pretty interesting.


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What kind of supplements? It seems his focus is on leaky gut syndrome. Apart from diet there are a lot of supplements that you can buy from supplement retailers and the supermarket. Examples include grapefruit, coconut oil and probiotics. I would be very wary of a doctor who advertises his supposed miracle cure on youtube.

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I've seen some of his videos and I'm pretty interested in his theory although I think you can find the products he's selling on your own at a health food store but not having to do the research to find out exactly what products to buy is what's he's really selling..

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He sounds so sincere and i want to believe his method works but we are just vulnerable because

we are suffering from acne. This guy could just be out to make money

The supplements he speaks of are so rare.

In my opinion if this did work , word would spread and you would find out sooner or later

...it is most likely a fraud

do i want to try it tho? absolutely

am i going to , probably not.

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