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Hey guys so i have had good success with dan's regimen and about 3 weeks ago i started using his aha. I absolutely love this stuff but i just have one problem, It always balls up.

This happens especially around my mouth area and cheeks. I apply it as a moisturizer in the morning and during the day if anything comes in contact with my mouth or cheeks (like a napkin or paper tower or anything) the aha balls up and flakes up. I was wondering if maybe i had a bad batch because i watched a video of dan and he said he fixed this balling up problem. Is anyone else experiencing something like this?? my aha is relatively new, i got it about 3-4 weeks ago.

anyways thanks guys hope someone can help

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From the FAQs:

Q: I'm having problems with the Acne.org AHA+ lotion leaving a yellow residue or balling up. How can I prevent this?

A: Be sure to wait 5-10 minutes after applying the benzoyl peroxide treatment gel before applying the AHA + lotion. If it is still balling up, try using less of it and see if that helps.

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This is actually one of the things keeping me from purchasing Dan's AHA.

I use Alpha Hydrox's 10% Enhanced Cream. I have never had a problem with balling up...ever. I even use it as soon as the BP dries, which sometimes only takes 1-2 minutes because I don't use much.

You could try that? It's a little pricier, but I like it. I keep wanting to try Dan's AHA for price reasons, but Alpha Hydrox is working well and with these kinds of stories, I'm not sure I want to!

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What I like to do is use the AHA+ at night :) I mean why not? It makes you more sensitive to the sun (hence no light during the night), you won't (or at least I don't) wear make-up to sleep so worries there when using AHA+ with make-up. And if it balls up--who cares? You'll be fast asleep. Also AHA+ contains licochalcone which calms acne prone skin--i can't find another product with licochalcone and a 10% glycolic acid mixture that I like as much as this product.

But for whatever reason you have to use it in the morning, then I suppose you found the (only) achilles' heel of this product.

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I use Dan's AHA around my mouth - it's actually the only place that I do - and I've never ever experienced it balling up. However- I usually DO wait until my skin is dry from any BP; but, when I apply the AHA - since the viscosity is so thin - I like to use a Q-tip and just put some AHA on the tip of the Q-tip and just glide it over and around my mouth - so that my finger/hands aren't conflicting with the BP that is under it? Not sure if this would help you at all - but I find the less pressure I use with applying something/product over BP - the better/smoother it will go on. A Q-tip allows me to control my pressure a bit more - AND not put too much on the area to where it would start to "fight" with the BP :)

I've also always had an issue with my mouth area becoming dry when wiping with napkin etc... but that is usually when I'm only on BP - and don't apply the AHA. If I apply AHA (with the Q-Tip) I've actually been out to restaurants where I wipe my mouth area - and have had no flakiness whatsoever - so I hope this will work for you!

Hope this helps!

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