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Sound Guy 87

Accutane: Month 1

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My life story can be found here, including what led up to the prescription of Accutane.

So here's the deal...

After jumping through more hoops than a lion in the circus to get my Accutane prescription, the pharmacy finally released a month's supply (30 pills...so I guess in February I'll have three extra and in months with 31 days I'll be short a pill) of Claravis. My prescription strength is 40mg.

I went through the first 10 capsules feeling absolutely no effects. To be honest, they're tiny pills and I'm not such a tiny guy. I figured "Wow, the doctor's going to have to give me something stronger, otherwise there's no way this is going to work."

Day 11...I started feeling it.

My lips started getting very dry. The skin between my nose and my lips, and between the bottom of my lips and my chin started flaking away. It's still like that at the moment, though I found a sample bottle of moisturizer I had been given at a cosmetic store a few months ago and it seemed to help a little.

The other thing I started to notice is acne that had been forming while I was taking the medicine did so without a head. It's almost as if the medicine has stunted its growth and the bacteria is now trapped under the skin. Meanwhile, acne that had near maturation (if you can call it that) when I started the treatment pops extremely easy and bleeds profusely. I'm guessing both are good signs?

Anyway, here's stuff I could use some help with:

1. What's a good moisturizer to use? I have sensitive skin. This would be used on my face near the areas that are flaking.

2. What's a good lip balm to use? I'm enjoying this ChapStick Naturals thing, but I'm open to other suggestions (the Blistex Lip Moisturizer in the blue tube stings, which I wouldn't mind, except it also makes my lips bright red and seems to do more damage than good).

3. Make up...any suggestions? I work in television journalism, but I'm trying to limit how exposed my issue is to my colleagues as much as possible, sooooooo, you can see why I'm asking it here :) I'm not sure, as a guy, make up will wind up being my thing, but it could be a temporary fix for bad-lip days.

One last thing -- I know pictures are in hot demand on a board like this. I am taking photos to track my progress along the way, but because the acne canvasses a large area of my body (back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, thighs and upper-chest, along with the back of my head and portions of my face), and because I'm still a little uncomfortable with my situation, I'm going to hold off until probably the middle of my treatment. I hope you guys understand :)

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1. What's a good moisturizer to use? I have sensitive skin too and have been using Dove Sensitive Skin Day Cream.

2. What's a good lip balm to use? Carmex is really working during the day and isn't shiney. At night I've been using Rosebud Lip Balm, which you can get at Sephora. It's really heavy duty and works really well.

3. Make up...any suggestions? I'm using Shishedo Lifting Foundation, Maybelline Mineral Concealer, and Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Since I've been on Accutane my makeup lasts all day and as long as I moisturise well it doesn't look flaky. If you're wearing face makeup you'll probably need a makeup remover because I find now that I have no oils on my face my makeup likes to really stick to my face. For that I've been using jojoba oil before I wash my face at night.

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Hi soundguy. We're in the same boat- I'm on claravis also. Just had my dose bumped up to 60mg at 2nd month. Here's some product recs:

Moisturizer- many people use Cetaphil, Cerave, or Complex 15- all easily found at the drugstore. I'm a product junkie so I have all 3 and many more including Avene Clean-Ac. You want a non-comedogenic, gentle cream for sensitive skin.

Lips: Many people use aquaphor, vaseline, or chopsaver. I have freakishly sensitive lips and have to use a prescription ointment.

Eyes: get some good eyedrops- the ones for persistent/severe dry eyes. I had to upgrade to Bausch and Lomb Sooth XP and they are working great.

Makeup: I'm not sure if you're lookign for concealer/foundation tips or lip products? You said bad-lip days so I'm not sure. Best drugstore makeup in my opinion is anything from Revlon Colorstay line. Just make sure to remove it completely.

Good luck with your course, stay healthy and hydrated. Keep us updated!

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