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Is it better to alternate red and blue lights each night or use together?

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I recently purchased a NatureBright lamp and am trying to figure out what the most effective way to use it is. Is it better to use the red lights one night and the blue the next, or to just use them at the same time?

My acne is moderate and scars very easily without my touching it, and I'm hoping the light will help stop the scarring and help old scars to heal.

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tbh everything I read said to use together and that if no difference after 3 months then maybe change, so as yours can do either or, I would stick to both at same time for now

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Hi there - I'm new to the site.

I bought a Britebox Dermaclear just over a month ago. To be honest, I haven't seen any improvement at all. If anything I think its got worse.

I've had two or three big outbreaks since using it and I've noticed my cheeks and jaw are now COVERED in whiteheads - way more than I usually have. My skin looks really bumpy and horrible :(

Can anyone else share their experiences using it?

I've got polycysitic ovaries and have been told I'm no longer allowed to take the pill (I've developed migraines) which was the only treatment that helped my skin so this really is my only option now.

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