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Here's what people think of us.

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It's nice to know most other people don't notice or are atleast sympathic. I know to me, my acne is much much worse than it is to other people.

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A few of them could learn a bit from us, including the non-sufferers. There's a lot of comments there that are the exact reason why acne is such a self-esteem killer- ignorance!

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That is what people think about us but it won't change about how we feel about ourselves.

I don't think it's ignorant, but more as they can't really relate to it.

It's obvious because the people who had acne seem to be the ones who feel sorry and sympathise.

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Ignorance isn't always a bad thing though. Often ignorance is derived from a simple lack of knowledge. I am ignorant of a lot of things, but I recognise that and don't let it cloud my judgement or prevent me from learning.

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I noticed that quite a few of them said if it was mild acne they wouldn't really care/notice much, but if it was severe then they are grossed out by it. Goes to show that even though in our own minds we have the same problem, in other peoples eyes we are put in different categories. It is sort of nice in a way to hear that a lot of people are sympathetic at least.

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