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Right now it seems like my acne is coming back after a few clear years. (Accutane got rid of it.)

Of course I want to prevent it from getting as bad as it was before. Right now, I could describe it as mild to moderate I think. Several pustules and the are around my nose and my forehead are covered with tiny flesh coloured bumps that I believe are blocked pores just waiting to erupt into whiteheads.

My skin is dry-flaky in places and very oily in others.

My regime since acctuane has been:


Wash with gentle cleanser (no active ingredients)

Spot treat with Dalacin T/BP (I've yet to figure out which works best)

Moisturise with Eucerin Re-Balance



Use Differin 0.1 Gel & moisturise OR Use Differin 0.1 Creme (I like the creme better).

Once a week: Exfoliating clay mask.

I'm now planning to add a toner to my regime. I'm thinking either BHA or AHA toner.... I don't really understand the difference - I just want to get rid of clogged pores. And prevent them in the future.

My question is: which should I order BHA or AHA? And where exactly should I incorporate them in my regime? At night with Differin? Or in the AM with BP?

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