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hmm proactive.. i tried this product when i was 18... i had mild acne.. just my usual breakouts when periods come around. now its severe.. at least then my pimples went away after a few days... seeing the pro-active commercials with celebrities talking you into trying it...me and my cousin decided to try it. a week into trying it, i had people commenting on how my acne looked its worst,,,,,i looked online, reading peoples comments about the product on sites like these, they say to keep using it, that its bringing the pimples to the surface, i went along hoping this 70 dollar product would get rid of the now worse acne...it just got worse and worse, i stopped after 2 and a half months my cheeks are now covered in acne... it all just started with one pimple..turning a dark color after using proactive, then i stopped using the product and my acne just spread all over my cheeks and now still spreading even worse.. what can i do.. my doctor aint ever available and my mom just says use soap and water..Im 19 now ..

Feeling the ugliest because of my skin....im now trying "vichy normaderm, acne prone skin".ill let you kno how it goes..i didnt even bother getting a refund back from proactive knowing it wont bring back my skin...people say having acne is just a phase in life, to make me feel better, but how would you feel if something were taking over your face :boohoo:

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your mom may be right, stop proactive.

buy lever 2000 soap, really cheap, just use once a day, *** MOD EDIT *** Please read the Board Rules.

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hey i know exactly how you feel.proactiv was the only thing i used to treat my acne up until a few years ago and using proactiv was definitely one of the biggest mistakes of my life.my skin has always been pretty sensitive but that made it even worse.i just dont think its the way to go for people with sensitive skin with all the fragrance and ingredients.the cleanser was really harsh too because of the scrubbing beads or whatever you want to call them.

id recommend trying some cetaphil gentle cleanser which you can get at wal-mart or pretty much any grocery/pharmacy store.or you could order some of dans cleanser which i really like because it foams up into a lather really well.those proactiv commercials are a joke too especially with that blonde complaining about like 3 pimples you could barely see haha.i bet half those people dont even use it.

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lever 2000? i dont think so lol

yeah proactive is all about making money, the ads are ridiculous, they shouldnt have made it to canada shopping malls :( i would have never ordered it lol

anyways..going to see my doctor tomorrow morning, i need a miracle :( i think im going to cancel plans for newyears because of my acne

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