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what's the best at-home chemical peel you've used?

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so quick background summary: broke out really bad in college 2nd year, was a dumbass and used a rough cloth to rub my skin, broke out even worse, took antibiotics for 3 months, killed most of the acne, problem now is i have brown spots all over my face where the acne used to be.

after reading a lot of threads, it seems like chemical peels and lasers work well for other's post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. however, my derm told me it's like a couple hundred dollars for each laser or chemical peel session, so i would prefer to use an at-home do-it-myself chemical peel. i am home for break now so i am up for trying anything.

basically my question is: what at-home chemical peel brands have you tried and how did it work out?

thanks for any feedback

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Any Glycolic Acid Peel will do. Start with 8% and see if you can tolerate it

If your skin is made of iron then try the 15% one

There are many brands I believe. Any should do.

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I use Perfect Peel Solutions (amazon.com or their website) and Make-up Artist's Choice. If this is your first time, i'd suggest doing major research on it (not only to inform you, but also make you feel more comfortable in doing this at home) and begin with nothing more than 10%. TCA peels have done wonders for me :)

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It better doctor do it for u then yourself because i see so many people got chemical burn from it even me and make it more worse. U can try tumeric it very good for dark spot or red mark before try chemical stuff on your face. I have a huge burn scar from both my cheek i thought it work work but i think chemical it just remove dead cell. U need those dead cell to protect your skin if u peel it away it will cause burn. I try tumeric only couple day i can see my mark are blen in yellow soon in a month or two my scar will fade.

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