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Hey RenJ you are in what we call the IB or purging period of the regimen. This doesn't happen for everyone but in a nut shell, this is when you experience a breakout while you regulate to the products. On top of this your skin is probably dry and flaky, making you more prone to breakouts. It gets way better but you just gotta stick it out while you adjust. My advice is to focus on the positive, think clear skin, and avoiding touching your face. Some people will continue to clear after an IB, others, like myself will continue to breakout for a few weeks. Just hang in their and you will be happy you did. Good Luck!

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I have used BP one time before on an on-the-spot treatment. It was 2.5% with sulfur - funny how I JUST discovered it was BP tonight! LOL! - I can't quite explain how BP does it, but it will "PULL" acne from deep inside your skin. These acne you will be getting as you start the regimen would surface later on your skin.

I have cystic acne all my life so I can tell you that BP will do you some good. Just make sure to start slow, allow your skin to get used to it. I'm saying this while my own skin is burning like it is on fire!!! *sigh* But I'm sure it will be worth while to be patient.

Good luck and keep us updated about your progress!

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