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anyone have similar acne as me? Non painful hard pink lumps under skin??

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Does anyone have the same type of acne has me? I used to have normal mild-ish acne (papules, postules, etc. very easy to take care of, all i had to do was use a topical retinoid and wait for whatever was causing the acne, be it stress or whatever to go away), but for the past year or so (ever since starting birth control, even though i've quit for a while now) i've been breaking out in big, hard, pink/red under the skin lumps that are never painful. They are not really inflammed and do not come to a head and they never hurt, they're just there......and they take forever to go away and it is resistant to topicals and oral antibiotics. I am giong to ask for accutane at my next derm appointment but i am just curious, what is the cause of these types of pimples??? if they are even pimples. I was diong some research and they sound most like nodules, but i thought nodules were painful. If someone can shed some light into what type of acne i have and what the usual causes are, etc. that would be great.

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Why not simply ask your derm the next time you have an appointment?


Joe Zit

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I had a SEVERE random breakout after having my acne under control for several years, and I have a leftover cyst from my breakout. It was extremely swollen and I've had it shot with cortisone twice and I still have it...it's gone down, but still huge and not red (thank god). I know there is puss in it, but I'm scared to pop it. I would sh*t if it swelled up again and got red! I've had it for "6 weeks", and counting! Time to call the derm to have THEM drain it. Sometimes cysts can be staph infections, so I'll get it check out AGAIN!

I know it sucks...I'm sorry we have this to deal with! Are you eating lots of sweets? I get them alot when I eat lots of sweets, doesn't stop me though :)

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Yeah I get that EXCACT thing but only on my nose!!!

I just wait it out.

Icing helps. Hold the ice on for 5 minutes off for 5 for 30 minutes once a day.

Also, OMEGA 3 vitamin is clearing my skin.

Hope I helped.

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