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When Jojoba Oil is Not Enough

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I am having a huge dry skin problem due to my twice to once daily (depending on how my skin is behaving) use of 2.5% BP lotion (the brand is Klear Action, a Proactiv knock-off). I have flakiness that's freaking incurable. I exfoliate 2 times a week, I use the most mosturizing moisturizer I could find (German made Nivae Creme) in conjunction with jojoba oil, and I still have very dry, flaky skin that's driving me crazy! Please, someone, help me!

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Hey Jenna, there are a few things you could try if you haven't already.

1. wash your face for 10 seconds or less with your cleanser, barely touching your face. Rinse and pat dry immediately.

2. This may sound crazy but try going without the exfoliant. It may be irritating your skin more than you think causing excess dryness.

3. Naturally, lower your BP dosage until your skin improves.

4. Jojoba massage. Definitely try this.


You might want to go without the BP for a day or so until your skin returns to normal, then start up again at a slower rate than before.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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