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Knock the Spots off Me!

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I'm glad I'm on this drug side effects or no side effects.

After dabbling with antibiotics and that benzoyl stuff, And a horrible folliculitis infection my derm. said that Roaccutane is the best option.

20mg for the first 6 weeks

DAY 11

Alright so for the first few days my skin was getting a lot better and friends were even commenting :dance: .

THEN: after like a week, it went bad :snooty:. Not happy!

NOW: My skin is clearing, sortof. I'm not getting dry lips or any of those harsh side effects. My skin was dry around my forehead where i have 3 or 4 bumps but that's all. How long does it take to kick in? I had a headache for a while today but I realised that I haven't drank water in ages so that's probably the reason.

Hope to be all clear by New Year's Eve! Very Important Night Out

I cant believe people nearly sh*t their pants even thinking about this drug. I haven't had any psycological effects and believe me I have been really down in the past. My derm said that if it wasn't safe 'believe me, I wouldn't prescribe it'.


Can u drink alcohol while on accutane/roaccutane?

Has anyone been really wasted while on it?

I've been drinking since I was 16 so I'm sure if I had liver problems they would of shown by now. And I have gotten really wasted many a time. :dance:

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DAY 12

Much better. Thank God . Hopefully is uphill all the way now!

Side Effects: Hardly any. I drank lots of water today so yesterday's headache dissapeared.

Lips aren't that dry at all and I only apply lip chap once or twice a day.

Skin is possibly dry but I cant tell because I apply moisturiser immediately after I shower.

So far so good!

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DAY 12

Today is really Day 12!

Mixed up the days a bit.

Today I shaved and for the first time in a long time there was no pain involved. :dance:

Skin is really smooth around my neck and arms and stuff.

Face is looking better, things are clearing up nicely.

Hope I haven't spoken too soon. :|

Side effects: Zippo. :D

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"Can u drink alcohol while on accutane/roaccutane?"

You can drink alchocol but you can't live without a liver.

PLEASE, don't drink alchocol!!! Your liver is suffering anyways so don't make it worse. Come one, alchocol, this is really last century. I mean, drinking too much and getting drunk every day.

So, try not to drink achocol these 6 months.

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DAY 135

I've been off roaccutane 10 days or so. My course went really well, after that starter 3 weeks everything cleared up.

I did drink alcohol and do drugs during my course and it was ok.

Now I'm going to get on with my life.



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