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Acne has evolved, now what?

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Long story short I'm a 21 year old male who has been dealing with acne for four years. It started off as a pimple here and there, mild at best. Then, as time progressed I started developing deep cysts, 3-4 at a time. At this time I'd say I had moderate acne. It was cystic, but the there were only a handful of them scattered with your normal pimples. Now, after three months and one week of Ziana, Triaz and Doxycycline, my acne has evolved into a different monster and I'm not sure If I like it more or less. Now, I have 30ish flesh colored bumps scattered across my forehead and temples. Every once in a while a handful of them will become inflamed. I also noticed that each flesh colored bump has a very small divot on top of it, I'm not sure what this means. It is not noticeable unless you really inspect them. At this point, I think I'm having a problem with exfoliation. My regimen..


- Gently exfoliate with Epsom Salt

- Apply Neutorgena Visibly Even Moisturizer

- Take one 100mg of Doxy


- Take one 100mg of Doxy

- Triaz foaming wash(6% BP)

- Ziana

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how big are the bumps?

if theyre consistenly small, and noninflamed theyre probably milia

i have the same problem right now, bunch of flesh/offwhite milia bumps all over my forehead. almost impossible to pop too, unless they become inflamed

i've been exfoliating and it takes patience to get some of them out. for some ive just tried to get them inflamed into whiteheads and then i pop them....bad idea i know but whatever it sorta works

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