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Using Betaine HCL and lots of vitamins...

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OK, so I posted most of my story in the Intro thread if you want the background but basically here's the short version:

I've had rosacea since I was about 13 and of course they never admitted that it was because it's only supposed to strike people over 30. So, I got diagnosed at 31. I never really got much acne, just the pustules associated with rosacea. Never had a blackhead. Sometimes I got regular zits on my forehead which is my only "normal" skin. The rest of my face is bright red and horribly sensitive and highly reactive, burns all the time, is dry yet oily etc. Great. But, I could always cover it up with mineral makeup and people actually thought I had flawless skin! Yeah, ok.

Fast forward to this fall. I started getting a lot of pustules, more than ever. Then about a month ago I had a HUGE outbreak over my entire face. It was and still is a disaster. I have had about 5 emergency visits to the derm. They thought I was having an allergic reaction to something, that's how bad it is. Finally, I was diagnosed with gram negative folliculitis from my long term antibiotic useage that kept the rosacea at bay. The only cure? Accutane.

I started the registration for that and will begin in February. However, in the meantime I am hoping to cure it naturally because I am scared of the Accutane. My skin is soooooooooo dry and sensitive and I am scared of the additional drying that the drug will cause, not to mention the side effects...

I've read on this board about low stomach acid which led me to explore that topic further on google. I've also researched using milk (in the form of whey powder) as a topical to supposedly change the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria and thus help kill it off.

Then I researched different vitamins and so started lots of supplementing.

So, this is what I am doing.

Skin Care


splash face with water only

cetaphil moisturizer

BE makeup


Wash face with clinique mild soap at night (I've always used this with no problem)

I Tablespoon pure whey powder mixed with water to form a paste (wear for 5-10 minutes in the shower then rinse)

Follow with finacea cream about every other day because it's so drying

Cetaphil moisturizer, spot treat with triple antibiotic cream


started the C, D3 and MSM 2 weeks ago; started the Betaine HCL and everything else 12/24.

3- Betaine HCL pills taken in the middle of every meal (I don't even react at all to this so I should probably increase to 4 but that seems like a lot! They are 648mg a piece)

Multi vitamin (Maximum Greens Ultra Mega Green- vegetarian formula)

25,000 IU Natural Beta Carotene (vitamin A)

B-100 twice per day

1000mg Vitamin C (need to increase but tired of all the pills, lol)

5000 IU D3

1000mg MSM

60 mg Zinc w/ 600 mcg copper

610mg Primal Defense HSO Probiotic

1 Tablesppon organic flaxseed oil daily


I have eaten a vegetarian diet for many years. I am currently going to try to cut out the dairy to veganize myself. I do not use milk, preferring to use Rice Milk. However, I am horrible with cheese. Love it, although been trying and failing to cut it out for years.

Currently I drink 1 or 2- 24 oz diet mountain dew's per day. I am attempting to cut this out after reading all the links between acne and artificial sweetener.

So, that's it in my battle against this gram negative horror! Wish me luck!

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Face is a disaster today... :confused:

I was reading the zinc reviews, etc. and I guess all of the things I am doing take time but I am impatient. I seriously want to come to work in a ski-mask...

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Please feel free to comment on my regimen. I welcome all advice!

Today I received my Verilux acne light thing in the mail. I used it for 15 minutes tonight after my shower and plan to use it nightly. It sucked because my skin is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dry and I had to use it before applying moisturizer and boy that was painful.

I also added:

400 IU vitamin E

1 tablespoon of Virgin organic Coconut oil (that was disgusting eating it) I am scared to put it on my face right now since even Jojoba made me break out more, but I may try eventually if things calm down more.

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (braggs) mixed with blackstrap molasses in 8 oz of water...um yummy. yeah right!

I feel like a psycho doing so many things but hey maybe one of them will work.

I do have a 50% reduction in pustules today which I refused to admit (DO NOT want to get my hopes up) but my ex told me he noticed (and assigned that value). Also the lady at the health food store said she noticed my face looked a lot better today...and she only saw me on Friday when I started most of this regimen. The problem with all of this is I have no clue which thing is working lol...I am doing too many things at once. Oh well...

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OK so it's been about a week since my last post and I only have about 17 tiny pustules now. This is amazing since I had over one hundred when I first posted. It still sucks though because I want my zero-pustule face back!!!!!!

I am still doing everything I listed except I was unable to drop the soda or dairy yet...so it's just the supplements working. I wish I knew which one it was however...

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Hey VegEm, i wish you the best of luck with your battle against time until February. I think you are doing a lot of things right, especially the finacea cream even though its drying. Just wondering though if your multi has iodine in it? If so, maybe think about cutting it out. But yer everything looks goood and im really interested with how the HCL goes. Keep us updated

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I am almost 100% clear. My skin isn't as red any more either. Every couple days my chin still tends to have pustules that come in the morning and go away by night. But my cheeks are 100% clear.

I wonder what is actually working???

Off to check if the multi contains iodine...thanks Aussie.

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Thats great news, well done!. Are you still considering accutane? If you do continue to clear and you feel comfortable, maybe cut down on the supplements one at a time?

The ones that i think are probably having little affect are:



*vitamin c (competes with zinc for absorption)

*Vitamin E

This could be wrong but if you start to eliminate, maybe go for one of them!

Good luck and keep up all the great progress!

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My face is soooooooooo clear and my rosacea is lightened. I had a flaming red face and now it's a healthy looking light pink. I still cover that with makeup though...lol. Had a complex about it too long.

Anyway, I am amazed at how my face looks. My pores look so much smaller too. I am going to stop some of these supplements. I honestly think that the HCL is the key. I was bulimic for years and I'm also an alcoholic. Both conditions are known to cause low stomach acid. I pretty much think I had no stomach acid and that with the HCL supplementation my body can actually digest food and can absorb nutrients.

I don't know if I want to try the accutane still, at this point my dr. would laugh me out the door I look so clear! Of course in the back of my mind I fear a relapse. I've been fighting this so long I can't quite trust that I am clear and will remain this way!

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Hah I know what you mean vegem, it's like once you're clear you have so much to lose that you start getting paranoid. Just try to relax, if it's really the hcl, there's no reason you should relapse as long as you're taking it, since whatever digestion problems you had will stay under control.

Good luck :)

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I'm a little worried this week. My chin started to break out a bit again. The rest of the face is still clear though.

I have to stop the HCL temporarily because it has pepsin in it and I'm being allergy tested on Thursday. Apparently, pepsin has some antihistamine in it or something...it appeared on the list of stuff not to take for 5 days pre-allergy testing.

I'm hoping to maybe figure out that I am allergic to dairy or wheat or SOMETHING that I can remove from my diet to stay clear. That's why I scheduled the testing. So, anyway I will update then.

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Ok so that was a waste of time. I was skin prick tested for all kinds of foods and showed NO REACTION to any of them. I guess I didn't realize they were only checking for an IgE response. So, I could be sensitive to foods (in regards to my skin) just not allergic. I was blood tested for celiac screening though. Maybe that will come back positive...

Anyway, I guess the lazy way out didn't work. I need to do an elimination diet or something.

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I'm back to a yucky face!

I noticed that I only seem to have a problem in the fall/winter. My face is a disaster with pustules. Then in spring or with antibiotic useage it gets clear. WTF. So sick of this...

I didnt do an elimination diet but I've been keeping a log. I know that sugar messes me up. Other than that I cant see a pattern. I havent changed anything in the last couple weeks and I went from clear to disaster in a matter of days!

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