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Is this a decent regimen? & other ques.

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Night: Wash with Marykay Velocity Cleanser

-Apply Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion (it's the toner)...can't use the whole set because it is too drying.

Morning: Wash with either Cetaphil or Velocity.

Apply make-up.

So I just started using the Velocity tonight but previously I was using just Cetaphil and the toner from Clinique..it contains 1.5% salycilic acid. 90% of my blackheads are GONE! but...unfortunately, i'm getting more pimples. although this is extremely discouraging, it is normal to have an intitial breakout on salycilic acid right? It's not TERRIBLE it's just some pimples mainly on my nose where the blackheads were....

is this normal? should i keep going with this regimen?

Skin before regimen:

Occasional pimple on forehead, chin, nose.

If i got a pimple, mainly on nose.

Lots of blackheads on nose.

Also, some red marks (scarring...but should heal)...not really relevant.

Skin on regimen as of right now:

No active pimple on chin, 1 small not red pimple on forehead, and like 5 red pimples on nose (not big). They are annoying but initial breakouts are normal rightttt???

Also, barely any more blackheads.

Please help me out in ANY WAY YOU CAN.

I have such problems with my skin...I know it's not severe acne but it's on the worst possible place...MY NOSE! ugh. sometimes it affects my whole day and it happens a lot. please help!!

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It is normal to break out but you always break out usually 2 weeks after trying something new. You should stick to any regimen over 3 months-beginning of 4 months because adding anything new will cause you to break out and you won't know what caused it. And that sucks! If you're just breaking out on your nose ( UGH! ) Then just buy Dans BP bottle and aplly it only to that area twice a day with a moisturizer and it should definitely be on it way to clearing up soon! or Neutrogena on the Spot... but that's a lot for your money since you'll need to use it faithly over months...

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