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Two questions concerning makeup

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1. When I go out at night I usually don't cleanse and moisturize my face. I just apply the makeup over my somewhat oily face. Is that a good idea? I usually get back home around 5-6 am and then cleanse and moisturize. If I were to do it before going out and after coming back home, wouldn't I be over washing my face which can cause breakouts?

2. I use everyday minerals makeup products. Yesterday I accidentally applied concealer all over my face thinking it's foundation. It looked good. Is it a good idea to use concealer as foundation?

I'm new to makeup and I appreciate your help.

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On a day when I'm going out that night I'll wash in the morning, apply makeup. Then wash in the afternoon/evening, re-apply makeup. Then wash again when I get home from going out. If I were planning to be out til 5 or 6 AM (haha, I've got a few more years before that'll be happening), I'd definitely not hesitate to wash my face beforehand.

About the concealer, I did that sometimes when I used Everyday Minerals. It didn't do anything worse to my skin than the regular foundation did.

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1.) Washing your face more than three times a day dries it out and causes blemishes - so if you're doing it in the morning, before & after you go out, I think you'll be fine. Usually before applying your makeup you want a "clean canvas". I can't even imagine not washing my face beforehand - I just think of a crusty mess and dirtiness lol! And as you can imagine makeup does NOT loo good on dried up makeup and stuff.

Do you wear makeup throughout the day? Wearing makeup over 8 hours builds up and can cause breakouts no matter how it says it's non-comedogenic. It's just not a good idea. So I'd definitely wash before..

2.) I guess it's okay... I mean, I'd use foundation just for a smoother application but if you have enough I don't see why not.. :P

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