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How much can stress affect your acne?

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Last July I went through a bad break up which lead to an even worse break out which has lasted up until now. It isn't as bad as it was due to being on Ziana/Doxy but isn't near 100%, I know stress has a direct correlation to acne, more specifically inflamed acne. At this point in time, I have a feeling self induced stress is the main cause of my remaining acne. Is it possible that stress is the only thing I have left to tackle? I was recently prescribed Xanax due to anxiety/panic attacks. Can this artificially relieve my stress thus relieve what I perceive to be stress induced acne?

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Well, scientifically it is proven to be linked, and ontop of that imagine how being stressed out makes you feel dumpy. So bad things will come with it.

If you have a skin problem and are stressing you will more than likely breakout, if you have a migrane problem and have stress you will probably have more migraines, etc

A personal experience with me, I stress, but I try and stay as cool and calm collected as possible. It's nearly impossible to go through life without stress. If you have a BAD breakout, where it turns cystic, I wouldn't say it's stress related, but if you break out on your jawline after a breakup or something along those lines, than it is probably stress related.

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