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Should acne during the first week of the regimen improve or no change yet?

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I started the regimen on Saturday the 19th. I had a large pimple on each cheek. I am using almost the full amount of BP because my skin seems to be able to take it as long as i use a moisturizer with jojoba oil. This is probably because before the regimen I washed my face 3 times a day. Since i cut back to 2 washes (AM and PM) i think im able to handle more BP than others.

The large pimple on my left cheek is slowly veryy slowly getting smaller while the pimple on my right cheek is clearing at a turtle's pace. It was the biggest pimple ive ever gotten and im wondering if it would be a good idea to spot treat it with a antibiotic ointment on top of the BP (clindamycin or bactraban?) Should the BP alone improve current acne in week 1???

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Everyone is different, I am noticing improvement after 1 week, but that's because I haven't gotten any new acne lately.

I would suggest just using the BP for a while and not combining it with other medications.

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Using the full amount of BP after only a week is very likely going to end up severely drying out and irritating your face. I'd strongly suggest using less and gradually increasing the amount you're using so that your skin has time to adjust to using so much BP. Better safe than sorry on this one. ; )

Also, check out the What To Expect page (notice that Dan says to gradually work your way up to the full amount of BP, starting with a small amount).

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