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Ajay Albs

Using honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg for new marks. Seriously

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I just posted this on the honey mask review, but I think it's worthy of a new topic. I'm sure there are tons of other posts on this, but I just thought I'd share my own experience. I'm going to copy and paste my review and embellish a bit, as I had a 2000-character limit.

I, like many other users, was pretty skeptical of using a honey mask. But, after having a really bad hormonal break out that left me with 4-5 new, red marks on the right side of my face (WHY is it always one side that breaks out?), I had visions of the number of purple marks that I would be left with for months after the acne healed. So, after doing a pretty extensive search, I decided that honey was worth a try. I ran to the nearest health food store and bought a fairly expensive two-pound jar of raw/organic honey and organic cinnamon and hazelnut, which came out to 30 dollars even (Each of my three prescriptions from my dermatologist costs 75 dollars, so this was a bargain in comparison).

Let me tell you something; as a caveat, this organic honey ("Really Raw" brand) might taste like honey, but it sure doesn't smell like it--you get used to the smell after about five minutes or less, however, so don't be completely put off by it.

I put about 2 tablespoons of honey, half a teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg, and two crushed tablets of aspirin (Bayer brand) in a cup, mix it together, then apply it to my face for about at least an hour or until I can't tolerate the dripping from the honey any more. If the dripping starts annoying me too much, I literally place a piece of saran rap on the bottom of the chin to catch the drippings before they can fall on my clothes or bed, which they do. A few paper towels on your lap if you're sitting up doesn't hurt, either.

After the first day, I wasn't very impressed. Four days later, though, and I am delighted. The new scars that would have been forming from my recent breakout are nearly gone, and my older ones are slowly disappearing as well, though not as quickly. Also, a new white head that was forming has also subsided and gone away; I'm not sure if that was the honey's doing, but I don't know what else would have caused it to disappear.

I think it's great, and I will continue using this as a mask every day until my marks subside completely and perhaps continue using it a few times per week if it continues to help with my breakouts.

I also had invested in Skin Effects Advanced Brightening Complex a while back, which I had stopped using for whatever reason; After seeing Dr. Leslie Baumann, the author of the esteemed book The Skin Type Solutionrecommend it for hyper-pigmentation and my desperate skin type (Sensitive, Dry, Pigmented, Wrinkled [my skin isn't wrinkled, but tanning in the summers caused me to be categorized as such]), I began applying it after cleansing my face and applying my topicals two times a day. Honestly, this has made such a difference in my face. I recommend this method.

Also, as an aside, you might want to invest in Leslie Baumann's The Skin Type Solution, because it gave me great insight into what I should be using for my particular skin type (she provides a quiz in it where you answer questions based on your skin to determine what your type is). Turns out, the foaming glycolic face wash my dermatologist recommended me to use was just drying out my skin and aggravating the situation.

Overall, I couldn't be happier. I unfortunately do not have "before" pictures, but I would be happy to provide my current "after" photos. Seriously, four days ago, my face was red, splotchy, and on the road to long-term hyper-pigmentation.

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