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Im sure this is a well known thing, so forgive me lol.

Last week a family member of mine purchased Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules for the purpose of fading red marks caused by acne. Firstly, do these capsules work well?? I have a few marks left from acne that I would like to try and face. Secondly, are they safe to take while on accutane?? I could always wait till my course is done but if I can get on it right away why wait...


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I don't see why not.. I've been taking 2 fish oil along with my morning accutane dose, and eating a small meal then goin back to sleep.. This way i split my 2 doses by 12 hours.

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Yes, It's ok to take fish oil. I think it's acutally suppose to help with any joint discomfort you might have as a side effect. As for helping with fading post inflamatory hyperpigmention, I would probably tell you not to expect much during treatment. But they will fade with time, and much faster after your done with accutane.

There are many other proven researches of the benefits of fish oil:

Cardiovascular health

Better brain function

Less depression and psychosis

Helps prevent cancer

more . . .

Point being, omega-3 FA should be something everyone should take daily anyway.

Edited by Dr Einstein

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