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another year almost over and who still has acne!

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I remember last year, and last years acne/scars

aint shit changed but the time!

its so depressing!

prob another NYE at home getting drunk cos look to shit to go out!

who else in same boat, or similar ?

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i know what you mean , i hate remembering past events and remembering exactly where the spots were on my face haha how sad!

seriously, get yourself out!who cares about acne, lets have some fun and try to forget about it for once :)

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I'm hoping this year will change and maybe I'll grow out of it once and for all, but I have my doubts. It's the same thing every year - hoping and nothing in return. I've stopped asking, but that doesn't mean I don't have a positive outlook... :P

Even if I don't clear up, I'll be the same person. It's just not worth letting go of my life for and I hope everyone else comes to the same conclusion!

Happy holidays everyone <3

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You can't always control what happens with your acne, but look back on the past year and see how much you've changed.

If you aren't happy with where you are out self-esteem and self-confidence wise, I would suggest making self-improvement your goals.

It's a fresh start and try to look upon it with hopeful eyes and a smile. Even if it's half hearted, you have to start somewhere. :wub:

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